Milestone Markers,


Client: Peabody Trust
Team: Studio April, graphic design
Contractor: Blakedown Landscapes SE
Supplier: CED Natural Stone

UP designed a series of 12 way-finding milestone markers for the pedestrian/cyclist route between Lesnes Abbey ruins and Crossness Pumping Station in Thamesmead. These faceted boulders recall dendritic outfall, swept along the new pathways from the ridge of Abbey Wood into the marshland flood plain of Erith Marshes, and appear as unusual objects in the landscape attracting attention.

The dodecahedral forms can take up varying arrangements, changing their shape and appearance at each location. Sited at crossing points, the milestones identify key places along the route whilst describing the changing distances between Lesnes and Crossness. The scale of the stones enables their use as informal seating, making them convenient meeting points. The stones are made from 5 different granites with flush integrated graphics by Studio April in resin.

(Photos by CED, UP and Barry Willis).