Green Link,


Client: London Development Agency (Design for London)
Stakeholders: LB Haringey; Network Rail; Lea Valley Regional Park Authority
Team: Landolt + Brown, architecture; Flint & Neill, engineering; Boyden & Co, costing
Programme: 2010-11
Stages: 1-3
Value: n/a

Untitled Practice was appointed with Landolt + Brown by the London Development Agency to design a new 1.5km pedestrian/cyclist link between Tottenham High Street and the River Lea Valley. The route passes through existing neglected housing neighbourhoods as well as proposed redevelopment areas, and across the railway line at Tottenham Hale station via a proposed landscape bridge.

The identity of this landscape link derives from its connectivity between urban high street and rural river valley environments. The proposals draw the culture/humanity of the high street towards the river valley and reciprocally the nature/biodiversity of the river valley to the high street, framed by a series of infiltration SUDS - street swales and raingardens - which capture adjacent building and surface water run-off, to support new hardy perennial and riverine tree planting. This creates a qualitative new sustainable public realm environment by improving microclimate and reducing urban heat island effect. Through consultation, options were identified for the local community to manage this resilient new green infrastructure, to benefit from the improved health, leisure and education resources and opportunities created.

The route’s connectivity potential was highlighted by the proposed land bridge across the railway at Tottenham Hale, which formed the centre point for branch links between new residential and student hostel accommodation, the station including mixed use over-site development, existing residential areas and a local primary school.